Company activities

  • Elaborating all types of project and technical documentation, other consulting engineering in the field of electrical installations and equipment
    • Revision and review of project and technical documentation
    • Idea studies, assessments and feasibility studies to justify the investments
    • Cooperation in the development and implementation of various technologies and equipment
    • Consulting, organisation of execution and project management
    • Professional supervision of project execution
    • Technical handover of finalised plants and client training
    • ATEX solution consulting
  • Contracting / Engineering
    • Organisation and management of construction according to the client’s project or on the turn-key basis
    • Supply of various investment goods
    • Various services related to the construction of technically complex plants
      – commissioning of plants,
      – calibration and commissioning of measurement and control equipment,
      – setting up of safety devices, testing, setting parameters and commissioning of automation systems
    • Handover of plants and documentation, user training
    • Warranty and other maintenance
  • Sales of special equipment
    • Modern equipment for electrification and automation of production (electrical, measurement and control, automation, process and other equipment)
    • Danfoss VLT® Drives – frequency converter and Soft Starters
    • Explosion protected equipment

Where can you find us

  • Industry
    • chemical industry
    • pharmaceutical industry
    • ore processing
    • metalworking industry
    • wood-processing industry
    • port terminals
  • IT centres and other most demanding objects (objects requiring reliable power supply systems and control)
    • telecommunication centres
    • computer centres
    • safe rooms
  • Public utility infrastructure
    • water supply systems
    • drainage pumping stations
    • waste water treatment plants

What we are capable of

  • process industry: power supply and control of electric motor drives and other power consumers, measurement and regulation, integration of technological units (industrial centrifuges and driers, industrial mills, sieves and separators, weighing and metering devices…) into processes; including the explosion-hazardous processes
  • production and manufacturing lines
  • machine construction (pneumatic and hydraulic presses, large-scale rotational excavators, industrial filters, industrial saws, various forming machines, painting booths…)
  • industrial transport systems
  • electrical installations in industrial and other demanding buildings
  • air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems
  • boiler rooms
  • compressor stations
  • transformer stations 20 (10)/0,4 kV
  • generator stations
  • uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS)
  • measuring the quality and consumption of electrical energy, optimisation of energy consumption
  • central control systems